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Project Concept

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Project Concept/ Initial Contact with the Land Use Office

It is recommended that you discuss your project with the:

Assistant Planner/ Zoning Officer/ Wetlands Agent

Farmington Valley Health District

Superintendent of Water Pollution Control Facility

Building Official

Fire Marshal 

The Community Development Coordinator will assist you in arranging meetings and acquiring information.

At this time it is important to discuss the project in general terms. It is important to illicit comments from staff relative to applicable regulations, design guidelines, and other town standards and expectations.

The application review process should be discussed and you should leave with an understanding or copies of the following:

Subdivision Checklist

Zoning Checklist

Site Plan Checklist

Applicable Regulations that may affect the project:

Zoning Regulations and Appendix

Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Regulations

Aquifer Protection Area Regulations

Subdivision Regulations; Effective March 12, 2019

Water Pollution Control Authority Regulations and Technical Standards

Boards/ Commissions/ Agencies that may need to review the project:

Planning and Zoning Commission

Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Agency (IWWA)

Zoning Board of Appeals

Aquifer Protection Agency

Conservation Commission

Local Historic District Commissions (Collinsville or Canton Center)

Farmington Valley Health District

Water Pollution Control Authority

ConnDOT OSTA (Office of the State Traffic Administration or ConnDOT District 4)

Meeting Schedules / Calendar