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Agendas, Minutes, Legal Notices, Packets & Recordings

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Agendas, Minutes, Legal Notices, Packets, Meeting Dates & Recordings

This is the central depository of Canton's agendas, minutes, legal notices, packets, meeting dates, and recordings from the boards, commissions, and committees within the Town. In addition, various boards (not all) post their meeting packets.  Use the drop-down menu box below to choose the group you are interested in, then make the appropriate selections to find the information you need.  For Land Use commission meeting packets and meeting recordings, please scroll down further on this page.  

Listing files in 'Agendas, Minutes & Meeting Schedules'

Consistent with CDC and Health Department recommendations, all persons, regardless of vaccination status, will be required to wear face masks when inside municipal buildings.
The Board of Selectmen policy requiring certain Town Agencies to conducted meetings in a hybrid format will be temporarily suspended. This will allow meetings to be held virtually with all participants being remote. Any Agency meeting that has already been posted as a hybrid meeting or any other agency meeting held in a municipal facility will require all members and participants to wear face masks. All indoor programs will require participants to wear face masks.

Meeting Packets for Land Use Commissions as of 10/01/21

Meeting Recordings are available online for approximately one year.  After that time, they are available upon request. Requests for individual recordings can be made via a Freedom of Information REQUEST HERE.

Recorded Meetings

Other recorded meetings as of 3/14/20.
In-person meetings are not recorded.
Please refer to the agenda drop-down menu above for meeting status.