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Green Tour

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Green Tour

Collinsville West; Begins at 3 Depot Street, Crown & Hammer Restaurant

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1G. Railroad Freight Station - 3 Depot Street
2G. 41 Bridge Street
3G. Collins Company Complex
4G. Farmington River Bridge
5G. Power Station
6G. St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church and Rectory
7G. Worker's Cottages, Bridge and Church Street
8G. Dunne Avenue Streetcape
9G. Ski Hill
10G. Lutheran Church and Parsonage
11G. Howard Collins House
12G. Torrington Avenue Streetscape
13G. 57 Torrington Avenue, Gatehouse
14G. 51 Bridge Street

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Tour #1 - The 'Red' Tour; Downtown Collinsville - Begins at the Canton Historical Museum
Tour #2 - The 'Blue' Tour; Hillside - Begins at the Former Public Library

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