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Zoning Regulation Amendment

If you are proposing a use that is not permitted by the Zoning Regulations or your proposal does not fully comply with the Zoning Regulations, an application could be submitted to the Planning and Zoning Commission to amend the regulations.

Before doing so, please review the advisory staff memorandum (legal considerations pertaining to Zoning Regulation Amendments).

If your proposal involves an existing zoning district, or affects land, located 500 feet or closer to another municipality, a copy of the proposal must be referred to the regional planning agencies 35 days prior to the scheduled Public Hearing. (The Land Use Office will send these).

You should contact the Director of Planning and Community Development or Assistant Planner to review the details for preparing a Zoning Regulation Amendment, the requirements and application form.

The Zoning Regulation Amendment must be filed with the Town Clerk at least 10 days prior to the hearing.

The Planning and Zoning Commission upon receipt must schedule a public hearing within 65 days. Once opened, the Planning and Zoning Commission has 35 days to close the hearing and 65 days to render a decision.

When reviewing a regulation amendment, the Planning and Zoning Commission is functioning in a legislative capacity. In doing so they retain a high level of discretion in whether or not to approve the Zoning Regulation Amendment. Also at this time they review the proposed regulation amendment and will issue their findings of consistency of the proposed regulations with the Plan of Conservation and Development.

The language of the approved Zoning Regulations Amendments must be filed with the town clerk and updated into the official copy of the regulations themselves to become effective.

Appropriate Notices must also be filed in order to process the Application.