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Development Preparation

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Preparation of the Initial Site Development Plan and Staff Meetings

The next step is to develop a professional plan showing the property and any site and building improvements. You will most likely need to hire a design professional such as a professional engineer, land surveyor, landscape architect, and possibly a soil scientist. You may also need to discuss any building requirements with a professional architect, engineer or building contractor.

Once assembled you and your design team of professionals needs to meet with the Director of Planning and Community Development and other pertinent officials to discuss the specific requirements for preparing a site development plan. This meeting is to discuss feasibilities and general site layout and conceptual plans. It is important that staff have an opportunity to review such plans and concepts at an early stage to make recommendations before too much time and money is spent on a design of the site.

It is recommended that you schedule additional meetings or request more comprehensive plan reviews with/ from staff as progress ensues on the design of the site development plan. During this time staff will also provide comments as to the conformity of the plan with the appropriate regulations (Zoning Regulations and Appendix), review with you various application review checklists (Zoning Checklist and Site Plan Checklist). Application materials and plans (referenced in the checklist) must be forwarded to the Land Use Office for distribution to the Design Review Team at least 7 days prior to any scheduled meeting. After this meeting, a Department Review Team meeting will be scheduled to review the project with the Director of Planning and Community Development and appropriate town Department Heads. Each Department Head will review and comment on the proposal as it relates to their responsibilities. At this time the Director of Planning and Community Development will conduct a review of the applicable checklists and regulations. The applicant will be scheduled for subsequent and final review meetings of the Design Review Team as required. Your design professional(s) will have an opportunity to refine the project to incorporate any necessary changes before a formal application with a complete site development plan is submitted to the Land Use Office.