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Fire & EMS Volunteer Members

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Chief Officers

Department Chief: Johnathan Gotaski (Car 1)
Assistant Chief – Fire: Joe Ouimette (Car 2)
Assistant Chief – EMS: John Bunnell (Car 3)
Chief Engineer: Tom Gotaski (Car 6)

Administrative Positions

Executive Officer: Gerry Holland
Information Technology: Myles Angell
Administrative Assistant: Harriet Boyko
Radios: Jason Loftus

Fire Officers

Captain: Matt Bilts (Car 21)
Joe Fitzgerald (Car 43)
Manny Pantano (Car 42)

EMS Officers

Captain: Ryan Kerr (Car 24)
EMS Engineer – Jason Loftus

Fire Police

Captain: John Mallentachi (FP1)
Jeff Johnson
Greg Sims
Bud Roach
Chuck Kilson
Chris Schoffield
Johnathan Vitali


Paul Boutote
Putt Brown
John Bunnell
Tim Curtis
Laura Ferrall
Michael Ferrall
Stephen Goeben
Tom Gotaski
Anna Holland
Gerry Holland
Ryan Kerr
Colby Kordas
Leo Leboeuf
Ryan MacGrath
Craig Robbins
Rob Weed
Steele Porter
Henry Przbysz


Kendall Bilts
Greg Hayes
Jaelle Hersey
Anna Holland
Gerry Holland
Jeremy Lane
Christopher Livesey
Nicholas Pulcini
Cody Lemieux


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Contact Us

In any emergency, please call 911

In non-emergent situations, please contact the dispatch center at 860-693-0221

For membership information:

Johnathan Gotaski, Chief of the Department

Office: (860) 693-7858 


Administrative Offices:
Canton Town Hall
P.O. Box 168
4 Market St
Collinsville, CT 06022

Station #1: 
51 River Road

Station #2:
14 Canton Springs Road

Station #3:
540 Cherry Brook Road


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