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Energy Assistance and Fuel Bank

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People in need of help to pay for heating costs in the winter can apply at the Senior/Social Services office each year.  The programs we offer are:

Energy Assistance: The application process for the State of Connecticut Energy Assistance Program will begin on September 1st, 2021 for the 2021-2022 winter season. Please call 860-693-5811 to schedule an appointment; applications will be taken by appointment only. 

Canton's Emergency Fuel Bank is a program designed to assist families in meeting their heating needs when other sources of aid have been exhausted. For more information, contact Senior Services/Social Services at 860.693.5811.  In addition, tax deductible gift donations are welcome and made payable to Canton Energy Fuel Bank (CEFB), mail to the Collinsville Savings Society, P.O. Box 350, Canton, CT 06019.  Please put "Care of CEFB" on the envelope. 

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Contact Us

Senior & Social Services Department
40 Dyer Avenue
Canton, CT 06019

Phone:       (860) 693-5811 (860) 693-5811
Fax:          (860) 693-5835 (860) 693-5835

Tonoa Jackson
Senior & Social Services Director 

Rebecca Briggs
Administrative Assistant to the Director

Jess Tessman
Senior Center Coordinator

Laura Geyer
Cafe Coordinator

Municipal Agent for the Elderly
The agent, Tonoa Jackson, currently represents the State of Connecticut Department of Aging and is the person to contact for any senior-related question, problem or concern.

Office Hours
Monday              8am-3:00pm
Tuesday              8am-3:00pm
Wednesday         8am-3:00pm
Thursday            8am-3:00pm
Friday                 8am-3:00pm

The Senior & Social Services Office is located in the lower level of the Canton Community Center
40 Dyer Avenue
Collinsville, CT 06019