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Sewer Use Charges

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If your home or commercial building is connected to the Town of Canton’s sewer system, you are charged annually for sewer usage. Residential properties are charged a flat rate per living unit. Commercial buildings are charged based on water consumption figures provided by the water company.  The rates are determined annually by the Water Pollution Control Authority.

The Tax Office bills and collects for sewer usage. Bills are mailed ONCE A YEAR at the end of September.  Single family homes and some small commercial properties are billed in one installment due October 1st.  Multiple family homes and larger commercial properties typically owe two installments - one due October 1st, and the second due April 1st.  To avoid a penalty, payment must be postmarked, hand delivered or made online within 30 days of the due date.  Failure to pay in a timely manner results in an interest charge of 18% a year, reverting to each due date.  The minimum interest charge is $2.

If you are billed for two installments and would like to sign up for a courtesy email reminder for the second installment, please sign up HERE and check off the SEWER USE PAYERS and click JOIN.

For your information, here is the link to Chapter 103 of the Connecticut General Statutes - Municipal Sewerage Systems:

VIEW OR PAY SEWER USAGE CHARGES ONLINE (the BILL NUMBER (listed as ACCOUNT NO on your bill) is required to locate your account) 


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If I demolish my house, how do I discontinue the services?

  • Once the demolition permit is pulled and the Building Official verifies in writing to our office that the structure was successfully taken down, we will pro-rate (and refund, if applicable) any charges accordingly. 

I spend several months out of state. Do I have to pay a full year of service?

  • Yes. Service is not pro-rated when the house or building is vacant.


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Contact Us

Tax payments can be:

Mailed to Tax Collector, P.O. Box 168, Canton, CT 06022-0168;
Paid online (a transaction fee will be charged)
Made in person when Town Hall is open.

Any other assistance or questions should be emailed to or you may leave a voicemail message at (860) 693-7843.  We will do our best to respond to you as soon as possible.  Thank you for your cooperation!

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