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Board of Finance

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FEMA Flood Map Changes/Appeal Process (2/28/24-5/28/24)

Board of Finance

The Board of Finance, which consists of six members elected at large to serve staggering terms, is the budget making authority of the Town.


  • General Duties and Responsibilities of the Board of Finance:
    (1) be the budget-making authority of the Town and, no less than annually, shall analyze and report on the long-range financial plan and debt management for the Town. 
    (2) except as otherwise provided by this Charter, be governed by and have all the duties, responsibilities and powers provided for in the General Statutes.
    (3) annually designate an independent public accountant to audit the accounts of the Town, as required by the General Statutes.
    (4) have access at all reasonable times to the records and accounts of the Board of Selectmen and of the Board of Education.
    (5) lay the taxes in accordance with Section 10 of the Town Charter.
  • Click here to read more about the Board of Finance from Section 9.03 of the Charter.
  • The Board of Finance (generally) meets regularly the 3rd Monday of the month.
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