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Your Silent Neighbors

Take a tour through the past with “Your Silent Neighbors", which introduces readers to people out of Canton’s past.

Readers are encouraged to visit these grave sites and pay their respects to the people who have helped make our community what it is today. Any suggestions, questions, or corrections should be addressed to Deputy Town Historian David Leff at

Choose a name from the list to begin your journey into Canton's Past:

7/16/2018 - Henry Napy

Born in Germany, Henry Napy (1848-1919) came to the United States with his parents at age 11. He was employed by a dairyman in Hartford before coming to Canton and working for the Collins Company for about eight years. Afterward, he devoted himself to farming on land along Albany Turnpike near the Ned’s Brook Creamery. He ran a milk route in Collinsville “and he never missed a day, going the mile and a half through severe storms and deep snow,” according to the Hartford Courant.

Napey was killed at age 71 when his horse and wagon was struck by an automobile driven by a traveling salesman from Auburn, N.Y. The accident occurred around 10 a.m. on April 22 near his home. Napey was returning from his fields and turning into his yard. The salesman blew his horn as he was about to pass, but Napey turned and the vehicle hit him. He was thrown from his wagon and suffered a fractured skull. The salesman stopped to render assistance and Dr. George Eddy of Main Street in Collinsville was called to the scene. Unfortunately, Napey was dead when the doctor arrived.

Funeral services were held at the Napey home. He was married in 1869 to Caroline Ingram of Collinsville, and was survived by his wife of over 50 years.

Henry Napey is buried in Dyer Cemetery, Canton.

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