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Action Documentation

After the Commission/Agency/Board approves your application, the Town will place a Legal Notice of Decision in the newspaper. It is recommended that you wait 15 days after the day the Legal Notice of Decision is published before you begin any activity; the reason being that someone may appeal the decision to Superior Court within that period.



Once approved the Land Use Office will send you an official letter of approval (listing all the conditions that apply) by certified mail within 15 days. You must file this approval in the Town Clerk’s Office in order to validate your approval along with any other plans (mylars) or certificates that may also be required to be filed. After you receive approval from the Planning and Zoning Commission or IWWA, you may need to post a bond or other security for erosion and sedimentation controls and possible mitigation or performance measures (i.e wetlands mitigation, performance bond for public improvements, landscaping, drainage, etc.).

Your plans may also need to be revised to accommodate conditions of approval

A permit issued by the Planning and Zoning Commission, or IWWA is valid for limited period of time that will be specified on the approval letter.

For subdivisions all plan modifications must be made within 90 days of your approval date or your approval will become null and void.


For applications that require the filing of mylars, you must first submit a clean black and white paper copy of the complete set of plans to the Land Use Office for review against the approved plans and the conditions of approval. Land Use Office staff will let you know if it is ok to print mylars. Once mylars are printed they must be delivered to Land Use Office. Office staff will have them signed by the appropriate official and will contact you when they are ready or filing with the Town Clerk.