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If you are purchasing land that is being divided, or you would like to have divided, subdivision approval will most likely be needed. If your property has not been divided
since June 3, 1957 (the date Town Subdivision and Zoning Regulations were adopted) and you just want to divide your property into two lots (a free cut/split), subdivision approval is not required, although septic and well testing may be required (please refer to the FAQ on “What is a Free Cut” for more information and schedule a meeting with the Assistant Planner .

If you want to divide your property into more than two lots, subdivision approval is required (this may also be called a resubdivision if you are further dividing an already subdivided property). State law requires all applications for re-subdivisions receive a Public Hearing. The Planning and Zoning Commission may also require a Public Hearing for any subdivision application. If no public hearing is required the Commission must act on your application within 65 days. If a public hearing is required, the Commission has 65 days to schedule the hearing, 35 days to conduct the hearing, and 65 days to render a decision after the close of the hearing.

Prior to proposing a subdivision or resubdivision, please contact the Director of Planning and Community Development for additional information, and to set up a meeting to discuss the proposal and regulatory requirements.

If your subdivision will contain any rear lots (sometimes called flag lots), you will need to consult the Zoning Regulations. Please also review Section 3.5 for information on Open Space Subdivisions.

Appropriate Notices must also be filed in order to process the Application.

Planning/Subdivision Development Application