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The Heart of Historic Canton

Canton’s downtown historic district, the village of Collinsville, is an attractive blend of late 19th/early 20th century architecture that developed during a time when the Collins Axe Factory was a thriving international manufacturer. Today Collinsville provides an eclectic blend of retail and dining along with river-based recreational and sporting activities. Collinsville is also home to a thriving fine arts community, recognized nationally for its annual Halloween celebration. The former Axe Factory complex offers tremendous potential for extensive mixed-use development in the near future.


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Antiques on the Farmington Axe Factory Blumen Laden and 41 Bridge Street Bridge Street Live Collinsville Canoe and Kayak Collinsville Chalk Walk Collinsville Halloween Parade Francesca'sLunch at LaSalle'sMain StreetMemorial Day ParadeMusic on the SquareRoots at HalloweenStreet FairTown BridgeTown HallWelcome to CVille!