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Mission Statement

The Canton Police Department is committed to excellence in law enforcement and dedicated to the people, traditions and diversity of our Town. Through empowerment by the community, we remain devoted to protecting lives, property and the rights of all people and to maintain order and enforce the law impartially. In partnership with our community, we provide ethical and professional law enforcement services and protection. We strive to maintain the trust and confidence of our citizens while working to improve the quality of life. It is our mission to make the Town of Canton a better, safer place to work, learn, play and stay.


An extremely troubling video was recently released that depicted the actions of several Minneapolis police officers that resulted in the death of George Floyd. Those officers’ actions, individually and collectively, were reprehensible and demonstrated a level of illegality, inhumanity and depravity that is unacceptable on any level. Every Canton Police Officer shares this view.

Canton Police Officers recognize the significant responsibility they owe to the community. It is much more than public safety.

Canton Police Officers recognize the value of human life and we are committed to respecting human rights and the dignity of every individual, and the Constitutional, moral and ethical right for everyone to be treated with respect, fairness, and impartiality.

Canton Police Officers are devoted to this community in a manner calculated to instill confidence, compassion and trust.

The Canton Police Department stands as one with our community. 


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Police Station

Contact Us

45 River Road (Rt-179)
Canton, CT 06019

Emergency Calls Police/Fire/Medical: 911
Routine Calls: (860) 693-0221Routine Calls: (860) 693-0221
Fax: (860) 693-8493Fax: (860) 693-8493

Christopher Arciero
Chief of Police & Director of Emergency Management
Phone: 860-693-7872Phone: 860-693-7872

Andrew Schiffer
Police Captain
Phone: 860-693-5832

Sarah Smith
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 860-693-7692Phone: 860-693-7692

Connect With Us