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1/17/2019 - Winter Storm Reminders

As we head into our next winter storm, stay safe and keep the following in mind...

Parking Ban:
An overnight parking ban is in effect on all town streets now until April 1st.  Any cars parked on the streets overnight during the parking ban may be ticketed and towed.

Residents may park in the Town Hall lot after business hours with certain limitations.  Residents using the lot are required to notify the police dispatcher at (860) 693-0221 and supply their marker plate number as well as contact information including a phone number(s) where they may be reached.  VEHICLES MUST BE REMOVED FROM THE LOT BY 6:30 AM THE NEXT MORNING.

Plowing Snow into Town Roads:
Homeowners and contractors are reminded not to plow snow into the town roads.  Residents with a significant hardship affecting compliance may contact the Canton Police Department at (860) 693-0221 for guidance.

Sidewalk Clearing:
Residents and business owners are reminded that, by Canton Town Ordinance (375-2), it is the responsibility of owners and occupants of buildings to remove snow, sleet, and ice from public sidewalks abutting their property within 24 hours after the storm has concluded. Failure to comply with this ordinance may result in a $35 fine. Please remember that the final show plow pass is not made until several hours after the storm has concluded. Our snow plow drivers are directed to try and minimize the amount of snow directed onto previously cleaned sidewalks and driveways, but it is often times unavoidable. Your cooperation in clearing the sidewalks is an essential safety measure for school children and other pedestrians using the sidewalks.