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Site Development Plan Applications

For Site Development Plan applications that require no other permits or approvals a public hearing is not required. However the Planning and Zoning Commission has up to 65 days to act on the application, and they may choose to hold a public hearing provided they do not exceed the allotted amount of time

Site Development Plan reviews are administrative in nature. If the proposal satisfies all of the requirements of the applicable Zoning Regulations the Zoning Commission should approve the application proposal. (Before submitting a Site Development Plan application, please review the advisory staff memorandum “Legal Considerations for Site Development Plan Approval” and required checklists (Zoning Checklist and Site Plan Checklist).

Site Development Plans, once approved, must be filed on the land records (see the Town Clerk) in order to validate the approval.

Appropriate Notices must also be filed in order to process the Application.

Zoning Application 
Inland Wetlands Application