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Emergency Management

Every citizen of Canton should understand what to do if an emergency event occurs in their community. Your safety will depend on being alert, knowing what to do, when to stay in your home or go to a shelter, what to do with your family pet, and how to get up-to-date information on the emergency.

There are many emergencies that can impact Canton. The most common are winter storms, power outages, flooding and hazardous materials incidents. Every emergency, including very serious ones such as terrorist acts and plane crashes, involve the same basic planning for your protection. The following provides in
formation on what actions will be taken by town officials to ensure your safety:

Canton's Emergency Operations Plan

Creating Your Own Plan

Preparing Your Home for an Emergency

Your Emergency Preparedness Kit

Public Emergency Shelters

What To Do When Electrical Power is Lost

Keeping Warm

Keeping Updated in an Emergency

What To Do For Pets in Emergencies

Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)

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Contact Information

45 River Road (Rt-179)
Canton, CT 06019

Emergency Calls Police/Fire/Medical: 911
Routine Calls: (860) 693-0221
Fax: (860) 693-8493

Christopher Arciero
Director of Emergency Management
& CERT Coordinator
Phone: 860-693-7872