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What To Do For Pets in Emergencies

Emergency planning should include all members of the family, including pets. If your family must relocate to a shelter or other site, confine your pet (if appropriate) to a specific room in the house and provide plenty of food and water to sustain the animal while you are away. If possible, arrange for someone to board the animal, or locate a relative or friend who can check on its well-being on a regular basis. If you place a dog or cat in a kennel, make sure that the facility meets all requirements for long-term care and has an adequate disaster plan itself. Put together a basic disaster kit for your pets in case you must leave your residence quickly. Recommended items would include:

• An airline-approved carrier for each dog or cat, or other pets, with ID, photo, vaccination records, registrations, special needs list, sufficient medicines and a muzzle/leash.
• An extra supply of pet food (for dogs, a lower protein dog formula will produce less stool, a benefit when kept indoors).
• Plenty of clean water.
• Bowls (disposable containers if you must leave your residence), can opener, kitchen trash bags, bleach (disinfectant and water purification), blankets, towels, paper towels, and other waste disposal supplies.

For more information on emergency preparedness for pets, call the Connecticut Humane Society at (860) 594-4502, or the Humane Society of the United States at (202) 452-1100.