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last year as each line item was examined and a projection built for the upcoming budget year. In December, the departmental budget requests were submitted to the Chief Administrative Officer who reviewed each line item and consulted with the department heads to search for possible efficiencies and cost-saving opportunities. For the Operating Budget, the major increase was approximately $90,000 budgeted towards a midyear implementation of a plan to resolve the challenge of limited day-time volunteer firefighters. A temporary committee has been studying the issue and a full proposal will be presented to the BOS in the next month. In addition, a temporary police officer that will attend the Police Academy during this fiscal year has been added to the budget. The budget includes an average 2.75% increase for merit-based increases for full and part-time non-union employees and an increase for all union employees, including those for whom collective bargaining discussions are currently underway. The CIP Budget increased by $92,560 representing new allocations to apply toward future Fire air pack bottle replacements, Town Hall roof repairs, mower equipment for Public Works, a cybersecurity risk evaluation, and three pedestrian safety beacons for crosswalks. The CIP Budget also funds ongoing pavement management and vehicle replacement. The Board of Selectmen budget will continue to provide the core services and amenities that Canton residents value while respecting all residents' ability to pay.

Please visit the town website to view the details of the proposed budget and plan to attend the Annual Budget Meeting at Canton High School on Monday, May 13th at7:00pm.

Best Regards,
Beth Kandrysawtz
First Selectman

**MONDAY, MAY 13, 7:00 pm:

1. The 2019-2020 Proposed BOS Budget

2. The 2019-2020 Proposed Budget Revenues

3. Board of Education Proposed Budget