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Robert Bessel


Dear Residents,

After several months of hearings and deliberations, the Canton Board of Finance approved a budget of $40,674,313 for the fiscal year 2020-2021. The mill rate is now set at 32.59, a 1.75% increase over the current year (32.03).

To reach this budget, the Board of Finance asked the Boards of Education and Selectmen to reduce their budgets by an additional $138,000 and $121,000 respectively. The goal was to increase affordability while holding the line on education, support programs and public safety. 

Town staff found savings by recognizing reduced services resulting from COVID 19 restrictions plus the use of alternative sources of funding for several projects (police/EMS communications study, replacement structure for transfer station employees) along with restructuring of the assistant superintendent position. The Boards had the good sense to approve them!

The final reduction of $248,895 ($127,895 from BOE, $121,000 from the Selectmen) resulted in a well-balanced budget accomplished in a collaborative manner. My hat’s off to BOF Chair Jennifer Rottkamp who set the tone from the beginning.

We now move into the next fiscal year with the resources to support our town as we face the challenges ahead. There will be many! Working together and listening to each other, Canton will continue to prevail and preserve our special identity. 

Thank you all for your comments and insights. Keep them coming!
Stay well,
Bob Bessel

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